General Site Requirements

  • Contractors are required to pass the appropriate level of UTC EH&S tests. Supervisors & group leaders will be required to pass Level III and subordinates are required to pass Level I. All contractors will be verified by the UTRC security staff before access is granted to the facility. Anyone who has not passed the required tests will not be allowed access.
  • All Contractors are required to view the UTRC EH&S Safety video before working onsite.
  • Contractors are required to carry the provided gold card at all times as proof they have attended the UTRC EH&S Safety video.
  • Contractors are required to sign in daily at the 2R security post before entering the site.
  • All necessary vehicles are required to register at the 2R Security Post for every visit.
  • If frequent deliveries are required then the Contractor must provide a contact phone number for UTRC Security to facilitate the delivery.
  • Deliveries must be signed in at the 2R lobby unless other arrangements have been made with the UTRC Receiving well.
  • Contractors are required to be on-site to accept deliveries or the delivery will be turned away.
  • Picture badge contractors are allowed to escort only those individuals from their company or an assigned subcontractor at the job site only.


  • All vehicles and packages are subject to search while on property.
  • There will be no alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons brought on site
  • At any time proof of citizenship can be asked for and must be provided before work can continue.
  • All contractors are required to sign in at 2R as long as they are performing work on the property.
  • Anyone who falsifies documentation or violates UTRC policies will be barred from the site.

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