Service technologies

“Seeing is More than Believing”

Service Technologies Are Guiding the Hands of Men and Women in the Field

Imagine for a moment you’ve arrived at a critical juncture in time. In the sweltering darkness you’re faced with a time sensitive challenge and the speed and skill with which you restore functionality to the technology in front of you would mean averting certain disaster. Now, you could be on a covert operation making quick repairs to critical piece of gear. You could also be in the basement of a major metropolitan hospital, where a hurricane has knocked out power and the backup generators are not functioning properly. In either case, UTRC’s service technology platform is the system that’s allowing you to complete these challenging tasks more quickly and with greater confidence.

Augmented reality for in-field servicing is just one of many service technology platforms being explored by UTRC. From embedded intelligence to advanced data mining, our researchers are finding smarter and better ways to enlist the help of computers to assist us in performing challenging tasks. These innovative systems more efficiently and effectively sort, structure and present data to end users, and have the potential to become a valuable tool in commercial and military applications. The goal is not to create machines to do the work for us, but to create systems that think and troubleshoot challenges with us, helping ensure a timely, positive outcome. By linking a wide array of available data—from historical reference to real-time performance—and presenting it to a user in an actionable, effective manner, UTRC is helping to drive the future of service and maintenance.

Advanced Capabilities

Human-machine interaction: To ensure that the businesses of UTC deliver next generation products that are user friendly, UTRC is advancing technologies to enable improved human-machine interactions that facilitate advanced utilization. From intuitive touch-screen interfaces to real-time maintenance and service support, our innovations will allow users to evaluate performance data, perform corrective actions, and leverage huge stores of available data in an intuitive, efficient and effective manner.

Cyber-Physical Security: UTRC is researching technologies and approaches for mitigating threats that target the confluence of cyber-systems and the physical security world, thereby ensuring the safety and security of UTC products.

Machine Learning: UTRC researchers are leveraging data mining, prognostics, diagnostics, and embedded intelligence to make UTC products smarter, more intuitive and “self aware” to deliver enhanced performance to our customers.