Curiosity Powers Innovation Forward

As technology advances rapidly, so are our energy demands. Whether it’s for a fixed wing aircraft or a city block, the way we produce and distribute power today will not suffice in the future. Researchers at UTRC are addressing challenges in energy demands across a broad scale—from discrete, miniaturized devices to the management of distributed campus-wide microgrid systems. Our work in power electronics includes exploration into intelligent energy management of distributed and decentralized systems, high-density power electronics, new converter topologies, motor design and system power analysis, as well as energy management. UTRC is working to help reshape the way we generate, deploy, store and manage energy in order to build a more efficient and reliable future.

Curiosity at Work

Microgrid Energy Management: UTRC’s successfully demonstrated microgrid energy management system operates on a broad scale (from single structures to cityscapes), and ensures optimal system level operation among all energy sources and loads.

Our Global Presence

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