UTRC partners with UTC business units and external research organizations to expand the boundaries of science and technology through research and innovation, delivering technology options that meet and anticipate the needs of the marketplace.
Where Questions Can Take You

UTRC has been curious about making things better—for industries, people and the planet since 1929. Addressing the needs for greater efficiency, integration, and performance in modern technologies—serve as the driving force behind our explorations. our researchers focus on the big picture, investigating the “what ifs” of advanced propulsion and power, energy storage, building efficiency, autonomy and human-machine interaction, and revolutionary aircraft systems. Their ideas are designed for application, culminating in products, technologies and systems that impact the world. Our diverse staff includes some of the world's best scientific and engineering talent, with 93 percent of our current technical staff holding advanced degrees (76 percent having earned a doctorate). Working with the business units of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), leading universities, national laboratories and other international organizations — we focus on leading-edge technologies that provide elegant solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges.

UTRC’s Diverse Staff Includes Some of the World’s Best Scientific and Engineering Talent
Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.