Curiosity Moves Us Forward

Machines are evolving at a rapid pace and are now capable of doing things that were unheard of just 10 years ago. This requires their “intelligent systems” to evolve as well, ensuring the advanced capabilities and improved performance that engineers are developing are actually feasible. Focused on this world of intelligent systems, UTRC’s researchers are addressing a wide range of control and embedded system challenges. These include optimizing controls for more efficient buildings and enabling the next generation of wireless, autonomous systems for aerospace systems. Our solutions allow technologies like autonomous systems and microgrids to be possible and to operate safely and effectively.

Curiosity at Work

Model Predictive Control for HVAC Systems: UTRC’s physics-based modeling capability, combined with expertise in building system dynamics and optimization-based control methodologies, are enabling the future in system-level control algorithms available for building application. Our new, novel approaches for energy management are being demonstrated in real-world applications and achieving up to 20 percent performance improvements.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.