Curiosity Can Elicit the Right Reaction

UTRC brings together leading minds and advanced technologies to investigate a technology that’s central to our work: combustion. And the result of our innovative energy affects more than modern jet engines. We are mitigating material flammability with environmentally friendly solutions and enabling modern fire suppression systems to keep occupants safe. UTRC’s researchers apply advanced capabilities—such as thermodynamic principles and chemistry—to understand steady-state and transient performance of combustion-based systems, improving the broad portfolio of high-technology products brought to industry by UTC businesses. This work includes predicting and measuring performance, optimizing combustion, controlling emissions, and diagnosing unstable or poorly performing systems.

Curiosity at Work

Combustor Dynamics Simulation – Large Eddy Reacting Flow Simulation: UTRC’s pioneering efforts around this complex, fluid-dynamics modeling capability helps advance the next generation of jet engine combustors.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.