Helping to Bear the Weight

So many of the products produced by the business units of UTC have rigorous structural requirements that demand exceptional performance across a wide range of loads and environmental conditions. From understanding static and dynamic loads on aerostructures to enabling ballistic protection through armor solutions, UTRC plays a key role in understanding and advancing technologies to improve UTC’s products. This includes working with isotropic and orthotropic materials; running highly transient, high strain rate impact simulations; and understanding the complexities of structural and fluid-flow interactions. Through our explorations into new structural systems, UTRC is optimizing product performance and ensuring our innovations extend the pioneering spirit that defines the business units of UTC.

Curiosity at Work

Armor: Leveraging our extensive materials capabilities with our expertise in advanced modeling of highly transient structural systems, UTRC is advancing technologies in ballistic protection with new ways to safeguard people and property using lightweight, effective, optimized systems.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.