Innovation with an Altitude

Aerospace. Planes breaking the sound barrier and airlines crisscrossing the globe – faster, higher and stronger. At UTRC, it’s not just about power. It’s also safety, efficiency and reliability, as well as the passenger experience. UTRC is developing new materials and technologies to improve aircraft level performance and to ensure that when all systems are go, everything runs as predicted.

Integrated Aircraft Systems

It may have started with the engine, but our journey to improve aerospace travel has gone much farther. From controls and power electronics to materials and thermal management, we have proven expertise in just about every aspect of modern aviation.

Our researchers continually investigate the possibilities of next-generation commercial and military aircraft and greater integration of propulsion, body and aircraft systems. Using model-based tools, technical expertise, and the ability to consider “what if,” UTRC is creating a future of more integrated, intelligent, hybrid-electric systems that will provide the most efficient and safe transportation on Earth.

Propulsion and Power

It takes just the right mix of ingenuity and resources to get a concept off the ground. At UTRC, this is what we do. We have a long history of advancing state-of-the-art technology for commercial and military engines, including advanced combustors, auxiliary power units, compressors, turbines and advanced gearboxes. We perform critical research to support Pratt & Whitney’s revolutionary Geared Turbofan™ engine, as well as the F135, the world’s most advanced military jet engine.

Our talented researchers work with universities, national labs and companies across multiple scientific disciplines to develop the next generation of engine technologies.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.