Curiosity Sounds Like Innovation

UTRC’s research applies techniques that bend the waves of sound, liquid and gas to our advantage. UTRC is focused on an array of applications that include fluid and structure interaction, noise mitigation and control, turbomachinery, and aerodynamic structures. Within these areas, our researchers are working to better understand and improve the performance characteristics of UTC products. By addressing challenges related to fluid flow and aerostructures, as well as noise and vibration, we can improve the operation of everything from elevators to jet aircraft and even the comfort of those inside them.

Curiosity at Work

United Technologies Computational Fluid Dynamics (UTCFD): Optimized to take advantage of modern parallel processing, this innovative code platform allows for higher resolution flow simulations with virtually no limitations on problem size, providing faster computational execution. UTCFD has been used to assess the unsteady flow interactions between adjacent components such as the impact of the fan on the performance of the compressor, the impact of the combustor on the turbine, and the interaction between turbomachinery blades and inner and outer air cavities.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.