New Perspectives, New Limits

An idea can be solid, the effectiveness and potential is proven, but current manufacturing options and materials make the technology cost prohibitive. An obvious solution is to re-engineer the design, but that comes with risk. Instead of rethinking the design, we are instead rethinking the manufacturing technology. From physics-based modeling of machining processes to development of new approaches for additive manufacturing, UTRC is exploring ways to change today’s approach to manufacturing. This includes direct-write of electronic components, cold spray, capacitive tomography reconstruction, advanced measurement and inspection processes, and the development of algorithms and processes for supply chain and logistic optimization. It also includes contingencies to avoid supply chain disruption, ensuring the right materials are secured from the right producer. From integrating design and verification to material selection, our researchers are supporting UTC business units with faster, more reliable and more cost-effective ways to produce quality components so that new technologies have a chance to make an impact.

Curiosity at Work

Additive Electric Motor: UTRC is using additive manufacturing techniques to develop an ultra-high-efficiency electric motor for automobiles using a laser to deposit copper and insulation, layer-by-layer, instead of winding wires. This method will produce motors that reduce electricity use and require less rare earth material, thus lowering their cost, improving their performance and making this green alternative a more viable and accessible option for consumers.

Our Global Presence

UTRC leverages a global network of innovation to define what's next.