July 20, 2018
App Highlights Research Center's CleanSky Projects

FARNBOROUGH AIRSHOW - A new app highlights the work the Research Center's office in Cork, Ireland, is doing in association with the CleanSky 2 partnership.

Adaptive environmental control system (aECS)
UTRC Ireland has been working on creating a more efficient environmental control system (ECS). The adaptive ECS is an intelligent performance-based ventilation system which is more efficient than existing ECS with better passenger comfort outcomes. Compared to a conventional ECS, the aECS is targeting a fuel burn reduction of up to 2 percent by decreasing the amount of external air brought into the aircraft while maintaining a the quality of the air in the cabin.

MISSION project
UTRC Ireland also has been working on an integrated modeling, simulation, design and optimization framework. This framework will support the entire design, development and validation process of current and future aircraft systems and evaluating their impact at aircraft-level. This framework will reduce development time, development costs and life cycle costs by means of model based systems engineering. It is also expected to reduce NOx emissions, fuel consumption and noise for aircraft.

UTC has a responsibility to change the world for the better by inventing products and services that help the world to urbanize more sustainably. These projects are among several projects being worked as part of the CleanSky 2 partnership, which aims to deliver cutting-edge technology for integration into the next generations of aircraft from 2025, onward.

Check out the app by clicking here.

The app is better viewed in the Google Chrome browser.

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