November 27, 2017
UTRC develops unique smart thermostat analytics

EAST HARTFORD, Connecticut - A UTRC team dedicated to the Research Center's UTC Climate, Controls & Security (CCS) Program Office has developed and transitioned unique, self-adaptive and smart thermostat analytics algorithms for Carrier's new Côr 5C/7C thermostat and ISO/Android mobile apps.

The products were released in late Q3 of this year.

UTRC collaborated with CCS residential heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) experts to design a series of algorithms for Carrier's next-generation smart thermostat, including embedded smart setback control in the thermostat itself and cloud-based smart energy analytics.

As described by Sheng Li, Associate Project Leader, UTRC, the smart setback control uses historical data collected through the Wi-Fi thermostat to help the homeowner optimize energy efficiency and comfort based on changing environmental conditions and individual home thermal load characteristics (i.e. home size, internal loads, infiltration rate and weather).

The algorithms also provide real-time energy savings reports to home owners through a mobile app, allowing them to determine whether their settings effectively balance financial benefits with comfort. These features are well beyond the capabilities of manually programmed thermostats which can suffer from static setback choices resulting in either energy waste or poor occupant comfort.

"Not only do our new algorithms minimize HVAC use while the homeowner is away, they resume operation at the optimal time to ensure ideal comfort levels by the time the customers return home," said Li.

"In addition the insights provided by UTRC's advanced algorithms will help HVAC dealers and homeowners benefit by knowing more about the condition of an HVAC system -- enabling early interventions to be planned and conducted, if needed, to increase uptime and improve comfort," said Siva Iyer, Associate Director, Product Management - Marketing, RES Brands, CCS.

"Based on the success of these algorithms, the team is now developing smart thermostat diagnostic algorithms enabling HVAC anomaly detection," concluded Li.

In addition to Li, the joint UTRC and CCS development team responsible for creation and implementation of these novel algorithms includes Xinyu Wu, Associate Staff Engineer and project Principal Investigator, UTRC; Xing Cai, Senior Research Engineer, UTRC; and Hayden Reeve, Associate Director, UTRC; Marcin Cychowski, Associate Director, UTRC; Dan Dempsey, Senior Fellow, CSS Innovation & Research; and Jun Lee, Staff Engineer Residential HVAC, CCS. Stella Oggianu, Associate Director, Advanced Refrigerant Systems, CCS supported the team's efforts.

Learn more about the new Carrier Côr thermostat and mobile app.

Contact: Laura Stevens, (860) 610-1653

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