November 13, 2017
UTRC headlines EU aerospace conference

BUCHAREST, Romania - A team of aerospace research experts from United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) and United Technologies Research Centre Ireland, Ltd. (UTRC Ireland) recently took center stage at the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) Aerospace Europe 2017 conference, promoting the Research Center’s innovative capabilities across the sector.

Speaking to an audience of approximately 400, comprising key stakeholders from European funding agencies, as well as EU industry and academic professionals, Catalin Fotache helped kick off the conference with an opening day keynote address.

Titled, "More Electric Aircraft Propulsion," his presentation centered on the increasingly important role of electrified engine architectures in maximizing the operational efficiency of commercial and military aircraft.

"We're looking at novel component combinations that will create opportunities for significant improvements industrywide, likely beginning with small corporate or commuter-type aircraft, and eventually expanding into medium- to long-range aircraft," he said. "The development of advanced electrical components will ultimately benefit all aircraft through improved architectures, more efficient systems, and the adoption of new technologies."

Fotache was followed on succeeding days by UTRC Ireland colleagues who presented papers related to their ongoing work in support of more efficient aircraft, and as part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 Clean Sky initiative.

"CEAS is a significant forum for the aeronautical community within Europe and is playing an increasingly important role in building an effective science and technology base for EU Industry," Fotache noted. "During our time there, we were able to highlight the accomplishments of our EU-funded programs to Clean Sky and European Commission officials, while connecting with EU aerospace players to prove our value in the future of aircraft propulsion and efficiency. It was extremely worthwhile."

In all, five UTRC engineers participated in/presented at the conference. In addition to Fotache, UTRC Ireland's Ana Garcia Garriga, Giusi Quartarone, Laura Mainini and Catherine Thibaud-Erkey presented or attended as paper co-authors.

UTRC's presence at CEAS was augmented by Michael Winter, the Pratt & Whitney Senior Fellow for Advanced Technologies, and Raoul Popescu, General Manager, Pratt & Whitney Aeropower (Poland) -- both of whom were invited keynote speakers.

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