September 13, 2017
Dept. of Homeland Security awards UTRC $1.45M for Mobile Application Security program project

WASHINGTON, D.C. – United Technologies Researcher Center (UTRC), was awarded $1.45 million to develop and implement a mobile app security system that will be run on a hybrid mobile-device-cloud environment called COMBAT (COntinuous Monitoring of Behavior to protect devices from evolving mobile Application Threats).

COMBAT will process diverse sources of information along with artificial intelligence to accurately and efficiently detect malicious and vulnerable apps of varying risk severity levels.

COMBAT also will evaluate the risk of an app for a given operational environment and produce a detailed risk-assessment report that includes an explanation of why an app is considered malicious.

UTRC will build an in-device-based behavior monitoring service to dynamically track the behavior of vetted apps in real time to enforce desirable policies (e.g., provide protection from app masquerading and other obfuscation attacks). COMBAT will be demonstrated on Android devices.

Read the full press release from the Department of Homeland Security.

Contact: Stephanie Duvall, (860) 610-7038

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