July 14, 2017
UTRC's rotorcraft aerodynamics invention honored via 2017 Best Paper award by AHS International

EAST HARTFORD, Connecticut - UTRC's Blake Moffitt, Patrick Bowles, Jongwook Joo, Brian Wake and Byung-Young Min were recently recognized by the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International with its 2017 Alfred Gessow Best Paper Award for presenting the best conference paper at the society’s 73rd-Annual Forum & Technology Display.

The paper, titled, "Analysis and Testing of a Boundary-Layer-Ingesting Pusher Propeller for High-Speed Rotorcraft," was presented by Blake Moffitt, Staff Engineer, Aerodynamics, Thermal & Fluid Sciences Department, UTRC.

"Our presentation was selected from nearly 300 outstanding papers, which were narrowed down through a highly competitive process involving all AHS International technical directors and a final selection committee," said Brian Wake.

"This is a very considerable achievement and we are deeply honored to receive such validation from one of the world's most esteemed industry societies," Wake said.

In recognition of the paper's selection for the Gessow Best Paper Award, Moffitt has been invited to present it at the 43rd European Rotorcraft Forum, Sept. 12-15, Milan, Italy.

In addition to this significant accomplishment, the team was honored for presenting the conference’s best aerodynamics paper as part of the AHS International 73rd Forum's Aerodynamics Session.

The paper describes work performed at UTRC in 2012 to analyze and test a pusher-prop behind an axisymmetric body representative of the X2-Technology Demonstrator helicopter fuselage.

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