April 4, 2017
UTRC celebrates aerospace engineering talent at the annual PEGASUS-AIAA Conference in Berlin

BERLIN, Germany - United Technologies Research Center is proud to be a sponsor of the PEGASUS-AIAA Student Conference, this year being held in Berlin from April 5-7. The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for PEGASUS students and student members of the European sections of AIAA to present technical papers in public competition. The conference enables students to practice the presentation of technical work at meetings in a friendly yet competitive environment.

Dr. Laura Mainini, Senior Research Scientist at UTRC Ireland will present at the PEGASUS conference and illustrate UTC's position as a company for world-class education, talent and innovation. Mainini will discuss key research activities undertaken by UTRC, with a particular focus on European projects led by UTRC Ireland.

Speaking ahead of the conference, Mainini said, "It is a great pleasure to once again be part of the PEGASUS Student Conference as we seek to develop the next generation of brilliant minds in our field. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet with enthusiastic students and to educate them on important UTRC projects such as CleanSky 2 MISSION."

The MISSION project will create tools and software that enable air framers and suppliers to design the optimal aircraft. This framework will holistically support the entire design, development and validation process of an aircraft, starting from conceptual aircraft-level design, to verification.

UTRC is dedicated to the continued development of exceptional talent in aerospace and believes that PEGASUS gives students the opportunity to share skills and ideas that will lead to the continued value of the research UTRC conducts on a global scale. The Research Center in Cork is positioned to provide support and opportunities to students enrolled in PEGASUS institutions.

PEGASUS has been formed from an initiative taken by the four main French Grandes Ecoles involved in aerospace. The general objective of PEGASUS is to optimise the services we offer in the best interests of Europe both in terms of continuing to attract the best students and also to offer highly relevant educational and research programmes. The founding Partners of PEGASUS have collaborated for some years in an ad-hoc manner (largely supported by EU funding) but now wish to work more closely together in a manner that better satisfies the needs of our students and their employers across Europe. Today more than 2000 aeronautical engineers graduate from the member institutions of PEGASUS each year.

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