March 27, 2017
Darling named UTRC Fellow, Electrochemical Engineering

EAST HARTFORD, Connectict - The Research Center has named Robert Darling UTRC Fellow, Electrochemical Engineering, effective April 1.

"Fellows help shape the future of the Research Center, acting as mentors, teachers, reviewers and innovators to positively impact the technical excellence of our people, processes and the products of UTC," said Isaac Cohen, Executive Director, Research Operations, UTRC.

"Fellows also provide technical leadership to UTRC in a visible career track that is differentiated from those of program or department management."

He further noted that Fellows influence the creation and direction of UTRC's portfolio -- ranging from creation of projects to the execution and transition of results to UTC business units -- while working with technical communities throughout the world to exchange ideas that enable the future growth and success of UTRC.

"Rob is recognized within UTC as well as externally as an expert in the theoretical and experimental aspects of all types of electrochemical devices, including polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells, flow batteries, and various types of solid-state rechargeable batteries," said Cohen. "His selection as UTRC Fellow reflects his high standing within the organization as well as the respect and recognition he has earned outside of UTC."

In his new Fellows role, Darling will focus on ensuring the highest standards of technical excellence in electrochemical engineering to identify and realize business opportunities that will advance the innovation mission of UTRC. Specifically, he will provide leadership in project execution, technical direction, identification of strategic opportunities, leveraging external relationships, and staff technical guidance and mentoring.

Contact: Laura Stevens, (860) 610-1653

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