March 24, 2017
Stabilizing Europe's energy grid: UTRC Ireland continues development of its innovative building-to-grid solutions

CORK, Ireland - Sarah O'Connell, Senior Research Engineer, System Modeling & Optimization Group, UTRC Ireland, addressed members of Europe's scientific and industrial communities last week at the International Energy Agency's Annex 67 fourth working meeting as part of dissemination activities for the Energy Local Storage Advanced system (ELSA) H2020 project.

There, O'Connell reported successes relating to UTRC Ireland's novel flexibility assessment methodology for building-to-grid smart grid demand response.

The methodology, developed under the auspices of ELSA, was shared with the International Energy Agency's Annex 67 Energy-Flexible Buildings group with the goal of instituting it more widely and ultimately incorporating it into a European or international energy standard. Identifying and quantifying building flexibility is a step toward enabling a more stable electricity grid across the European Union.

O'Connell's presentation, titled, "Flexibility Analysis for Smart Grid Demand Side Services Incorporating 2nd Life Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries," was co-authored with UTRC Ireland colleague Stefano Riverso. It relayed the four-step methodology developed by UTRC Ireland and demonstrated its application to buildings using the Skills Academy for Sustainable Manufacturing and Innovation (SASMI) building at Gateshead College, UK, as an example.

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