February 6, 2017
Speaking Green: Mandyck ties UTRC to the future of sustainable technologies

EAST HARTFORD, Connecticut – UTC Chief Sustainability Officer, John Mandyck, recently called upon UTRC scientists and engineers to "continue to develop the innovative technologies" needed to keep UTC products at the forefront of their respective markets in an increasingly eco-conscious world.

Speaking to Research Center employees during a presentation at UTRC's East Hartford campus on Jan. 26, Mandyck focused on the topic of sustainable urbanization and what it means to the future of food, aviation, buildings and national security on a global basis.

His presentation examined the role of green aviation in connecting cultures and economies; the impact of refrigeration technologies on hunger, food waste and climate change; and the relationship between energy efficient buildings and the growth of urban populations. All were underscored by the value UTC offers -- and will continue to offer -- to customers, shareowners and society at large through its suite of sustainable products.

"As a responsible corporate citizen, UTC has been a leader in sustainability for more than 30 years," Mandyck said. "We are in a unique place as one company to answer all needs relating to population growth, urbanization and the changing face of our planet."

He concluded by saying, "I hope you can see that what you're doing at the Research Center relates to what we're doing on the global stage. The world needs, and is asking for, innovation and I am extraordinarily optimistic that the work you do here every day will make the difference in how we urbanize in much more sustainable way."

To learn more about sustainability at UTC, visit www.naturalleader.com.

Contact: Laura Stevens, (860) 610-1653

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