May 17, 2016
Diaz Lopez honored with top award for Ph.D. dissertation

CORK, Ireland – Daniel Diaz Lopez, Senior Research Engineer, Power Electronics, UTRC Ireland, was recently recognized by Madrid Technical University with the Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award for submitting one of the school's top Ph.D. dissertations in 2014.

Diaz Lopez, who joined UTRC Ireland in 2013, earned his Ph.D. in power electronics via a thesis titled, "High Efficiency Envelope Amplifier based on a Ripple Cancellation Buck Converter. Design, Optimization and Integration in an EER RFPA."

The thesis focused on the industry's ongoing challenge to increase the efficiency of radio frequency (RF) transmitters allowing smaller and less expensive transmitters while ensuring the required high bandwidth and enhanced signal quality and linearity.

Diaz Lopez's solution proposed an alternative design to the industry's conventional envelope amplifier with a new topology that allows an efficiency increase while achieving the required performance. This solution has also been integrated in a radio frequency power amplifier (RFPA) to demonstrate the advantages of this solution.

As part of this work, he developed a design tool that links the design of the envelope amplifier with the specific figures of merit of the complete RF transmitter. This results in a more efficient process that allows optimization of the envelope amplifier during early design stages.

"Dani's dissertation addressed a critical need within the power electronics community," noted Stevo Mijanovic, General Manager, UTRC Ireland. "Given his novel solution to a long-standing industry challenge, it's not at all surprising he would be honored with a special award for his Ph.D. research in that area. We're very pleased he received this recognition. It is well deserved."

Diaz Lopez's dissertation was rated "Sobresaliente Cum Laude" -- the highest score awarded within the university's School of Industrial Engineering. Only Ph.D. candidates whose thesis achieves this rating are considered for the Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award, placing them among the top 10 percent of the university's overall doctoral pool.

"It is a great honor to receive this award from my alma mater," said Diaz Lopez, who was notified of his achievement in late 2015 and presented with the award in Q1 2016. "It's very rewarding to close my Ph.D. track on such a high note."

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