February 11, 2015
UTRC Promotes a Greener World at University College Cork Conference

CORK, Ireland – Stevo Mijanovic, general manager, UTRC Ireland, presented the keynote address at a climate change conference hosted by the University College Cork (UCC) in Cork, Ireland, on Saturday, Feb. 7.

The half-day conference, sponsored by UTRC, drew some 200 university students and faculty, members of the general public, and industry associates.

Mijanovic's talk centered on UTC's commitment to reducing its energy and environmental impact, UTRC's role as the corporation's "innovation engine;" the research work UTRC is doing with energy-efficient buildings; and UTRC Ireland's work to improve building energy performance.

"I was proud to represent the corporation at the conference because we do so much to reduce emissions and make systems and processes more efficient," Mijanovic said. "At UTC and UTRC, our environment, health and safety efforts are focused on reducing our imprint on the world and creating products and systems that are energy efficient."

The conference, which was organized by students from the Philosophical Society, Engineers Without Borders, International Development and Environmental societies and the Green Campus Committee, focused on how developing countries worldwide cope with climate change. It also examined what governments and corporations around the world need to do to tackle this global issue.

Mijanovic added that UTRC Ireland is always looking for the best talent; speaking at the conference offered him the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest and most engaged students at UCC, he indicated.

"It was interesting that the conference was organized by students," he said, noting it was coordinated primarily by those studying philosophy, law and the arts.

UCC recently was named the second greenest university in the world by the Universitas Indonesia Greenmetric World University Ranking.

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